Our Little Dragon's Programme is the First Step To Your Child's Success!

Let's get your child prepared for the real world. Enrolling your child in our martial arts classes provides them the foundation to jumpstart their lifelong growth and development. It will be exciting, educational, and unique for your little one! Watch as our young champions: 

  • Strengthen motor skills, coordination, focus, and balance 
  • Practice necessary positive values as early as now 
  • Discover fantastic techniques in a fun and safe environment 
  • Learn to follow directions and finish one task at a time 

The Lessons They Learn at PMA Will be Carried Wherever They Go

Starting them early through our martial arts classes is a wise investment for their body, mind, and well-being. As they grow older and become more exposed to the outside world, we will shape them to be adaptable to various situations and become prepared in all aspects. They will: 

  • Be guided by our instructors, who'll be there every step of the way 
  • Become curious and expand their knowledge and horizons 
  • Shape a self-sufficient can-do attitude 
  • Know how to communicate, say please, and respect elders